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"Onision Is Suing Me!"

By Admin, 08/24/2021

It was interesting to see people do exactly as I expected them to...

Season 4 Episode 13 GIF by The Office

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I'm proud of you, boy. Now hit them where it hurts. Make them regret they ever f;ucked with you. 

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Good on you for sending that email! Only smart, honest people can agree with everything said in it. Anyone else who has a problem with it are mad because they know they will have to be honest about your innocence. I say keep pushing this and hopefully they will stop.

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They resort to lies and you stick to facts 🤓 You were so diplomatic and calm in your video. Proud of you, your strength is apparent and I promise you the truth will prevail. It can take time but it will happen and we will stick by your side 💞

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You have truth on your side Onision

They have their theories and online detective nonsense. 

Keep strong. Keep fighting. 

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