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Onision Rant: YouTubers Are NOT Smarter Than The Police

By Onision, 07/24/2021

A pretty heavy, and justified rant.

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According to the social media losers, they know more than the police who investigated the entire thing. It would be hilarious if it wasn't so f***** EVIL. 

That's the Internet hive-mind for you. These are the as****s running the cancel culture movement that sheep can't wait to sign up to. 

Again, I'm just S O R R Y,   O. It s*cks beyond comprehension. 

Great video, BTW. Wisdom. 


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It's sad you even have to explain how the police work lol

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Evidence apparently only matters on the internet if you like the person.  I was going back through stuff last night and I just can't believe how much evidence you saved over the years and it doesn't even matter to most people.

I feel like even if people were to come forward and admit they lied, the anti-O community would still find a way to find you at fault. Its really not right. 

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People like that are down right cruel and saying your t*rrible and saying to end yourself... not cool there’s a special place in h**l for all the haters like that. Plus having someone **** you or force themselves on you.. my heart breaks for you O... I really honestly wish the world see you for who you are and not what trolls say 😔 at least you have a safe community here that will always have your back and support.  

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I wanna know why Youtubers still feel the need to feed off of you for financial gain. Blair White posted a video two weeks ago about OMG I GOT ONISIONS ONLY FANS SO YOU DONT HAVE TO. Like it drives me up a wall that they feed on you like a parasite… I’m so sorry… I genuinely hate the YouTube community at this point. tox*c garbage. But sure keep James Charles who has multiple v****ms who stepped forward about him being a creep and David Dobrek who is an absolute p*rverted jack wagon.



Onision forever, cause he’ll never sugar coat sh**. 

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