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They stop with wearing the face mask

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I'm still wearing mine because I'm refusing the vaccine. Over 50 thousand urgent care visits, over 1000 people suffering from bells palsy and over 500 women suffered miscarriages..... I really wish they put more facts behind the vaccine... I'll stay in my hidey hole.  ::sings 'indoors' from spongebob::

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Here in New Brunswick, Canada, we wear masks in all places where social distancing cannot be maintained. Most of us have the first dose of vaccine. Provincial wide bubbles are starting to expand. 

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The town I live in no longer requires people to wear them. Stores and restaurants still have signs up saying not to enter if someone has symptoms of Covid. I'm glad to not wear a mask anymore, but I will if it's still required in some cases.

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Still wearing my mask. In my area it was all political even though it's a world wide pandemic, so when I was out I had to take extra precautions because people are dumb. I help people who are older/have autoimmune d*****s & on immunosuppressant m******n.

One maskless idiot came close enough and touched me and said "don't worry I won't breathe on you" and laughed. Like dude, you don't know who I'm out for, getting things to. The pandemic made it worse on my anxiety, I didn't want hurt anyone, many of these people had noone to turn to. I would order them things, but they needed other things too. 

So lately I've been a little upset, I'm trying to get my doctor to OK me for the vaccine. They told me to hold off on it due to my list of allergies to see how others are responding. I feel like it's been enough time. So I'm basically still living like I was last year with the precautions.


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