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Funny things about the English language


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So the English language is weird... have you noticed?

For instance, this means, "I'm fed up" or "I'm angry" = "I'm sick and tired..."

But using the SAME words this means "I'm very ill" or "I'm really at a low point" = "I'm tired and sick..."

Imagine explaining that to someone learning English...

Anything you notice that's weird about our language.

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I've spoken to quite a few people with English not being their first language. One lady from Hungary explained to me that it was quite difficult to learn what she has. Please try not to laugh at those who are trying to speak your language brokenly. & that whole "speak english you're in America" (people who say these things frequently can't spell in my area) thing is so cringe. America doesn't have an official language. 🤦‍♀️

I had to learn some Spanish from a Portuguese teacher. I didn't do as well as I thought. Personally I feel that learning a language would be better with guide in any chosen country. 

Think about all the slangs we use, even newer ones.

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