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Breaking up?

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I've broken up with almost everyone I've ever dated... I have some things I just can't forgive, a lot of things... 

I have however definitely been dumped a few times... and for those times, yeah, I get it.

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For me it's pretty even. Women have broken up with me. I've been cheated on. My wife cheated on me and left me for another man and I was forced to divorce her. I've broken up with other women who have had mental and attitude problems that I couldn't deal with. Some people just don't mesh well. 

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I think it's about even for me. I've been dumped and I've dumped other people. If I'm being honest, I've probably been dumped just a tad more than I've done the dumping because I was an alcoholic. I still am one , just a recovering one so I haven't drank in a few years.

I don't really know for sure though. I've only had 4 super serious relationships and I ended 3 of those 4. The other not so serious ones it's a toss up.

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