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I'm A Cat Person, What Are You?

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I'm Sara, a nerd living in NE Arkansas. I'm very glad Onision's providing an alternative to reach him for those of us (like me) who wish to support him but on a fixed income.


I care for a lot of furbabies, cattos (8 + strays) & doggos (2 adopted lab mixes). I read a lot and  laugh as much as possible. Still trying to figure out Discord.🙄😂 Nice to meet everyone!

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My cat has been like a service animal. He helps me ground on my bad days, has been my travel buddy, when I'm feeling awful internally, he knows. He'll cuddle next to me. I hold a lot inside, that's just me. It takes a special person or in this case, cat friend, to really understand when I feel the way I do. 

I guess I'm biased when I say cat, but I'll never turn down on petting the dogs that come up to me 😂 I'm just an animal person in general. Maybe I'll have a dog later on in my life, when I'm able. I never know, if I do it'll most likely be a stray or from a shelter. 💕 

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I am a cat lover. I gravitate towards them. If a room was full of animals I can guarantee I'd head to the nearest kitty/big cat and then smother myself in the rest of the animals. You'd probably have to drag me out of that room. I'd never wanna leave! 

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On 7/26/2021 at 9:39 PM, Onision said:

Cats remind me of the nightmare wife --- there are awesome wives... and then there's the nightmare wife... yeah.

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You’d like my kitty Batman he’s so nice and chill, he just likes to eat and sleep lol 

I grew up with dogs and cats, a bunny, fish, even a squirrel at one point 😂 I love all animals, I have kitties now but I miss doggos and I try to look for cute ones to say hi to when I’m out. I wanted an alpaca farm for a while but it’s expensive 😅

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