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Do You Get Along With Your Neighbors?

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I've talked to my neighbor who lives in the apartment across from me a few times and she's always nice and seems outgoing. She even said I could wash my clothes in her apartment because I don't have a washing machine, but I always go to my parents' house to do that 😁

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I live in an apartment.

So, the neighbor above isn’t the worst but yells at his girl and k***s too much that I can hear. The neighbor to our left is decent, but recently got in an altercation with my husband. The neighbors behind us are ok but got a bunch of outdoor cats and didn’t vaccinate or neuter them. So when we noticed one suffering from a disease we took the initiative to pay for the vet care and save him. Those neighbors thanked us but often we help them with cat food and other stuff. The neighbor behind and to the left I didn’t know but recently had a bad day (™) and threw all her belongings over fence into neighboring yards (ours included) and supposedly got taken on a 5150 and CPS came too. 😕 

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