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Corrupt A Wish (Forum Game)

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It's simple, you grant the wish of the user above you and you corrupt it by adding a negative consequence. Then you state your wish and the game continues.

Example 1:
Bobby: "I wish pigs could fly."
Billy: "Granted, but you're the only one. Hehehe, kill me.

Ok, and my wish is... I wish to have socks on my feet forever."

Example 2:
Fboi69: "I wish I could breathe underwater."
McDenald: "Granted, but you're now a goldfish.

Now my wish: I wish I could eat anything I wanted without getting fat."

Ok, so my wish is, I wish everyone was honest.

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Posted (edited)
2 hours ago, Minty said:

First one Granted 》 but you have to turn your love ones into a vampire too 

I wish for a pot of gold 

Wish Granted 》 but you will  scream ohyeah! every time when you hear a bell

I wish myself from 1.64 cm tall to 1.55 

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