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Massive Insane Update...


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9 minutes ago, Danny said:

alright I said I wanted a cute pink theme, but catch me never leaving snake eater ok


Haha... well if you have a specific theme in mind please let me know.

5 minutes ago, Kaitlind said:

Everything looks awesome! I love it 😃

Thank you, I'm glad.

14 minutes ago, cyberneticembrace said:

Omg the snake eater one is great.

Glad I could find SOMETHING that works from that universe... 

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6 minutes ago, Two said:

Nice, you got a picture of Canada for a background. That is Moraine Lake I live like 3 hours away from it. I'd post a pic but I don't know how to on here. 😅

Very cool!

Canadian Flag GIF

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3 hours ago, Onision said:

So I updated the forum layout... a lot... if you look on your phone, the layout might not seem that different... but on DESKTOP? OMG, it's massive.

Make sure you check out all the template versions and let me know what you think. To change the color scheme/background image please check this image out:
Screen Shot 2021-06-14 at 7.35.30 PM.jpg

Which is your favorite? Are you happy with the change?

Got a theme you REALLY want? Like... something cartoonish? Maybe a little RICK AND MORTY?

They are all really cool!!! The color pallette of this space themed one is dooopeeee. I like the anime and pink tree  a lot too. Thank you!!!

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9 minutes ago, Danny said:

I switch between the two frequently, it's overall q really great change on both 😍

The trick is getting the backgrounds to work for both mobile and the desktop - which... works for half of them I think... the rest are kinda specific.

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