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Is Modeling A Talent?

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In my early days of viewing modeling I was obsessed. Cutting out collages of "perfect bodies", watching Top model for hours. Amongst various other harmful things I did that messed up my body & mind. In other countries (talking about the US here) nobody looks like these women, and while that may true to a certain degree, my doctors noticed various things and put me on the right track before it became out of hand. I still have certain thought processes, and habits but I am doing good now.

I feel like it's a lot of pressure. With some areas of modeling, a bad culture usually follows. Just like what recording artists go through. Back in 2008-09 I was offered to do "interviews" for 2 reality shows, but I declined them. Another opportunity, which did involve modeling with no expense to me which I also declined because it was too shady and creepy. 

I feel like anybody could be a model now (maybe that's an issue with my brain so correct me if I'm wrong), but it would still mean a lot of pressure, scary culture stuff. But if a person can handle it in all healthy balance, I wouldn't want to ruin their dream. 

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2 hours ago, cool.dus.niet said:

What is your opinion about it? 

I know few people that stopped because of the stupid thin goals they had to get with there body. 

I´ve had a few l friends in the fashion modeling industry, female and male. Female usuallt tend to start developing eating d*****s. A few weeks ago a friend of mine came to my place to stay a few days, we hadn´t seen each other for a while. We started talking about the modeling industry.

She was really worried about her hips and but size, she explained me that she is almost in the maximum 90 cm, and when modeling season it´s starting, she stress out a lot and she stops eating.

Also for being a runway model you need good acting skills, because sometimes the people that hire you want you to interpret a role while wearing an outfit. Holding uncomfortable positions for x amount of time, nowing how to interact with the rest of models and get a great work done.

Then from males perspective, there is also a lot of preassure, but my males friend don´t tend to develop eating dissorders as much as girls.

For example, one of my dearest friend started modeling with 15 years old, he had a face, unbelivable handsome. He was used to that world.

He just had the perfect face, the correct height , body tipe (in fact I am very small and when we take pictures together he looks huuugeee)

Incredible, charming personality, and his fashion sense is out of this world.

But worst thing for males, is ***ual abuse. My friend told me that one time when he went to a runway show being underage alone, one of the disegner friends was arrasing him. 

Other guy I am in contact with is a model from portugal, he is more muscular.

My male  friend is not anymore in the model industry but my female friend is just starting.

I have participated in a few shots  hair dresser related but xD I am 1,62 . 

One of the things I was interested the most was in Non binary vives without any make up  or even tricking people into thinking I am a male. And fotographers and other models were interested. I

My male friend has taught me a looot about experimenting with angles, faces etc. It is a cool experience, but not for a long run.

Is there anything you´d like to know more about modelling?

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If I was into the concept of modeling I'd probably try to get famous, then start an OnlyFans, then retire... I mean some people make a million right out the gate and it's like... yup, that's all you need to retire, now go do fun stuff for the rest of your life because NO ONE KNOWS HOW TO LIVE YOUR LIFE BUT YOU BOO!

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