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How To Create A Successful Forum?


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So adding tags to all the posts can help... like when you post, adding tags does... something?

Just talking a lot on the forum etc boost the likelihood something relevant or interesting will come up...

But anyway, I was looking it up myself... trying to find an answer to the question/pick up some tips and I found this LIIIIIAAAARRRRR:

In the post the dude literally says this:
Screen Shot 2021-06-13 at 7.06.25 PM.jpg

Anyway... so because of people like this, I guess all of you don't exist right? I suppose that is what forums usually do? They fake it till they make it? But... I would be pretty upset with myself if I did that so... huh?

If any of you have tips on what you think would help this forum lemme know - I'm researching and growing my mind a little every day on the issue so it's like a fun project.

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4 minutes ago, Sassy33 said:

It's also good to know what topics attract the most attention. Facebook/Twitter/Instagram allow you to follow your "insights" for everything you post so you can see how many people have seen it. 

I second this, growing the community is always checking what people like to talk about, and engage with those topics the most so people post more. I try to engage in the topics, but I need to start posting some topics myself 😄

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I would also suggest maybe including posts about current news/events. Posts that people can interact on. For example if you've got a business, maybe put up a post saying "Who's going to win Euro 2020?" as the tournament is happening right now and the final is on Sunday. 

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