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Whats your ringtone?

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What is your current ringtone? The standard for your phone or something else? (Do you even know what your ringtone is?) 

-Did you ever pay real money to get special ringtones? 
-What's the most iconic ringtone? 
-What's the most annoying ringtone? 
-Have you ever had a ringtone that was extra special for you? 

I just have standard ringtone on my phone. I have with father of my daughter other ringtone so that I know it is him for when it is important and about our little girl he can message me. 




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I just recently changed my ringtone to Zayn's "Dusk Till Dawn". My last one was Maroon 5's "Nobody's Love".

The only time I end up using a standard ringtone is if I can't think of a song to use and I'm tried of hearing what I had.

-I don't pay real or fake money for ringtones...😳  

-The most annoying one it's that loud normal old school ring. The house phone ring! And my husbands!! He has the NFL ringtone. Ugh! Sports ball! Its approaching!!! Buuuut Sundays will be free again!! Haha! He'll be glued to the TV and the whole day is mine!!! *insert evil laugh here* 

Annnnyways, yes, I've used many ringtones that meant som*thing to me. Mostly songs that the hubs and I have dedicate to each other or ones that touch my soul. The one I have now, Zayn, I just like it, nothing special.

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