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What TV Show Are You Watching Right Now?


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Well, right now I'm not watching anything but I did finish up the last few episodes of Supernatural the other night. I knew something bad was gonna happen so I kept putting it off. I know me and I'd end up all like...

sad the walking dead GIF

A big ole' cry baby!! I just hate saying goodbye..shows ending, the last chapter in a book! *sigh* goodbyes are sads! 

Anyways!! I'm in that dreaded "between shows" phase. Debating on catching up on Star Trek: Discovery or finally jumping into Picard. Been waiting for a few seasons to accumulate so I can binge watch them! Ahhhh! Been waiting my whole life for a remake of some kind! To see old friends on the screen again! Ahhh!!! Lol! I'll stop...what they call this..fandom?? Fan girling? I'm never good with current terminology. I'm always in my own little world. I no speak your coolness, I just speak ME 😜

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