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  • Obsessive compulsive fans?

    @Onision Do you ever have women come to your house and try to see you uninvited?  Or is this not a problem for you? The reason why I'm asking is that not only do celebrities have to go through this but there's been famous Youtubers that have this problem too. Keanu Reeves has had this problem with several different women that broke into his house that claimed to be his "biggest fans". 

    Contact Onision

    Worst disaster in human history?

    What's the worst disaster in human history that could have been prevented?

    Ask Questions

    Poetry/Creative Writing Thread

    (does this already exist?) Anyway, I went back through my journal and found an unfinished one. I think it's cute....do you think it's finished or missing more?  " I find my coffee to be bitter in taste for at the bottom of this Turkish brew I see your face inside the muddy residue " Also, post any poetry/creative writing you wrote yourself or just like from another artist 🙂 My top 3 favorite quotes from books/songs are as follows:  "Careless realism cost

    Mind & Body

    Secret Santa For The Forum

    It's way early, and probably not an amazing topic at the moment. But because this is becoming such a close community would you feel comfortable receiving a gift from a random friend on here on Christmas? Is it possible? If not okay. If so, perhaps we could make a list of those who would like to participate. It doesn't have to be like a gift sent to the residence, there's tons of things online but only to those who would like to participate.  Just curious what do you all think 🤔❤

    Friends & Family

    What's your monster movie name?

    Mine is Beware! The Flesh Eating Vampires I'd see it lol

    Forum Games

    Student Loan Forgiveness: Yes or No?

    Do you think they should give the option for people to have student loan forgiveness?    

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