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Debate ~ teachers

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6 minutes ago, cool.dus.niet said:


the ability of teachers to deal with students is more important
then the knowledge.


100% agreeee I´ve had students that were frustrated because of their school teachers.

If you want to teach them, you have to adapt the knoledge to their needs. We all have some short of way of thinking, it is not about learning disabilities, it is about empatizing and helping. 

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Yes. I think teachers need to be able to communicate the material and help their students learn. Even the ones that have difficulty absorbing the learning material like I was. I had teachers that refused to help me. They were just comfortable doing the bare minimum. Which was writing it on the board and having us work the examples out of the books. If you asked for help, you'd get snide comment on how you should have been paying attention the first time when they explaining it. 

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