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Pets we miss

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51 minutes ago, cool.dus.niet said:

Do you have any pets you miss? Tell me all about them! 

It doesn't have to be yours, it can be your grandma's dog or anything like that.

Have respect for each other story

Kiiiiraaaaa, she was my big brother´s dog, but I ended up taking care of her.

He bought her online a few months after we adopted Canelo(He is my lil can ). She was a Siberian Husky, when she arrived she was really dizzy and scared, I was 11 years old, and we were close to summertime.

She started developing strong boundaries with me, because I looked a lot like the k*d that took care of her when she was broned, she was a few months older. At first, I always wanted to show more love to my dog, because he was always left in the cold, he was considered "uglier" and everyone paid attention to Kira. Also we were going to go to my father´s hometown for visiting his family(the are in the North of Spain, while we live in the south). The thing is, we could not take two dogs in the train, so they chosed Kira(she was new and it was not an option letting her alone). But Canelo also was our dog, and I cried a lot that summer because he was left in the cold, in a farm, sleeping alone with storms.

He was used to nap and play with me, and I felt like they were taking away my dearest friend, family, Can. Kira also needed attention,  my brother liked her a lot, but it took her a long time to trust him. She was afraid of old men, not even talking about old men carrying a "bara".

At first my brother used to take care of her, but then he got tired, meanwhile that summer Kira was really well attended, but she still needed a lot of love and support. I think she knew I was worried, also I feel that she was seeing all the sadness I was having because of that unfairness. But I could not show that much happiness, I was missing Canelo so much I was crying at night while sleeping(it is a thing I do, I don´t usually cry when I am awake unless they have hurted my feelings too much). So my mum called his friend, and he told us that Canelo was fine.

But I felt that he was having a horrible time and that he needed me. He was in pain. I knew it.I would wish I was d**d instead of him, I think at that time I was offering my life and soul in exchange, because I felt that there is no point on hurting him so much, I think I felt reflected in him, we had even the same "bad teeths", actitude. I really wanted him to be happy, just for giving me a reason to be alive.(I was sufferong deppresion so when we adopted him, he gave me a lot of joy and company , it is really nice for k***s learning to take care of animals, but don´t get obsessed)

My guth was right when we came back, the person that was supposed to be taking care of him told us that he got a chest injure . When I saw him, picture that, two months crying over your dear friend to find out he has been all this time, alone surrounded by poop, barely eating, injured (with a huge opened deep scar in his chest , made by his harness)he was left alone with storms, then he developed a huge trauma with storms, it has been 10 years, he still starts trembling when it rains. I went with my older brother that was 19 at that time, we were both shocked.

We took him inmediatly to the vet, his scar was old, it was not an option giving him suture points so he got aproximation points , medicine, a good and comfy bandage. (Nowadays he does not even have a visible scar, but at that time I got so scared I tought I was d***g )

Kirita, Kira it took a few months to start loving her the same way as I used to do with Canelo. But she just , being fair, she was incredible, she was the only one that knew me , not even Canelo noticed about me that much, I started catching feelings. And also when I was sick, she would just come next to my place and lick my face. People usually say that siberian huskys, wolfs, are not that empathic, but Kira was above all of them.

I have in my memory one time, a few years after she arrived home, I had finished eating a whole nestle chocolate bombom box, and my mom noticed, she was argueing with me. I was just with that sad face not saying anything at all. Kira stayed between and she started barking and pusing my mum away. My mom got scared and surprised. Did you know that Kira never trusted her? Kira could walk with me witout needing to be tied, I used to take the strap in case there is a cat or we were in civilitation, but she didn´t need it. She was comfty.

Years passed by, and my dogs witnessed horrible abuse towards myself. They could not do anything at all.

I think Kira got traumatized by a bunch of things. When I started university she ran away from home. Unluckily we think she got kidnapped for being ***ually exploted or d**th. I still dream about she comming back.

I wish I could she her one time more. I used to say that about my dad too, but I liked that Kira at least has the possibility of being alive. We have looked, shared but we will never know. There is a huge buisness with buying and selling puppies. It is just not fair. 

I think she ran away because my brother got mad and she was scared, also it was like I had dissapeared , I remember that the last time she saw me, it was in my university´s city, she was with me in the car, then my mom dropped me at my new house.  

Before that, when my brother started losing his mind(he needs help, this is not a joke, he saw our father d**d body, he found him) he let kira alone and came to chase me beacuse he had noone left because of his attitude. Kira stayed alone in the south house , luckily neightboors took care of her, The thing is, my brother, after I did my university entry exams, forced himself a lot into dieting, sports, and, he ended up losing his mind. And I experienced one of few most horrible months of my life.

He wanted me just to be his boxing bag. I got punched, beaten, kicked in so many different ways. I was 17 at that time. Hopefully I didn´t get ***ually asaulted. But it was a thing that felt close, like it was going to happen anyways, because when I moved home he came to my house because my mother could not take care of him. He was recovering from a vigorexia combined with anorexia. I think Kira got traumatized because she saw when he punched me so hard he made my mouth bleed , and a few teeths partially broken, I got kicked while being in the floor. The same day after recovering a bit, I was forced to go training because He felt that I was a shame(my brother and my father were both elite athletes) but I was not prepared jet for foccusing on my body/performance. Also while we were trainning he used to tell me things like, "nobody cares, most of the men here even your trainner are like me".  That month I got kicked all weeks, a few times, I just didn´t know exactly when It was gonna happen. He even took me one weekend away from my mom to confort him and give him company.

I think Kira didn´t want to stay in that enviroment, she left. So my feelings towards them did. My brother is now in another country. Confronting his personality and behaviour, I used to like forgetting about his actions towards us, but last summer when he came back without a girlfriend he showed his trueselft again. He came with an habit of drinking bottles of wine a day. And telling everyone that he knew a lot about the world.

He even disrespected my Coronel (one of my most important and incredible teachers/friends) he told me that I was an slut just because I liked learning and I was doing my dutties correctly, and for even getting in better shape and growing up. He poured wine on mine and I shoked . The day before my most important final exam. He even wanted to take my moms car without us noticing. But my mom hopefully confronted him and told him we needed it , because I was having an important exam, (official and we needed to assist presentially) . 

I am getting lots of health issues because of my life experienced. I recently got a brain scanner done "TAC" in spanish, because there is a possibility of me getting wether brain damage, tumor, hormones problems ( I started convulsing and fainting after geting treatment for a kidney infection) . Guys health matters, and being fair and respectful too. Lifes are important.

Japanese old perspective was right , we should treat everything in this world like there is a god inside it.

There are a huge amount of people out there suffering. 

Animals should be treated with respect too. I used to be scared of snakes when going out running, but , never in my hole life i have tried to end them. If you respect nature, it respects you back.

But doing go outthere behaving like you are a god, no matter how good your outside looks, no matter how smart you are, no matter how much knoledge you have. If you are trash, you will always be trash. Don´t be like my brother. And do you know what is worst? my mom is worried of he killing himslef, so she wants me to back to Norway to take care of him.

In conclusion, pets, pets feel more like friends, pets can show more love and respect than most human outthere. Dogs, cats, snakes, mosquitos.

The are living here and we just make noise. I am thankfull for having had the possibility of experiencing loyalty, love , fairness, commitment.

A massive thank you to all our furry and not that furry frenzzzs  :3  

Kiraaa, I miss youu . I know you will reconaize my high 10 year old pitch scream I always do when I think of you.


Me outside playing with them. They used to sleep in my room each one in their own bed, but they loved from time to time

to sleep together, in the same bed. Hehehe I did not need a clock alarm . Kira is the one in the left, and Canelo is in the middle.

Then there is my 12-13 year old self


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My biskitty, he was the most perfect black cat in the world named biscuit. He was really big too! Looked like a panther lol I brought this kitty with me even when I moved states. He Wouldn't sleep unless we were touching, would wait for my car in the driveway when I got home from work,  would follow me all across the pastures I had him from when he was barely weened till he died when he was 5 or 6 from bobcat fever  

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Dog: Belle

Cat: Chloe

I had Belle since I was a k*d and she had to be put asleep in 2014 due to old age and not being able to stand or eat anything. Chloe passed away from having a tumor in her stomach which caused her to look huge. That was just a couple years ago.


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I had a black and white cat. He was very nice and sweety. He'd come to you if you called him. I had to give him away because my ex wife was pregnant with my daughter and she didn't want us to keep the cat. So I did what any guy would do for someone he loved. I gave him up to someone who could take better care of him. That was almost 12 years ago. 

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My parents got a cat 2 years before I was born and she died when I was 8. She was always calm and sweet. Whenever I felt bad she would come up to me and try to cheer me up somehow, I loved her so much. One time when my mom wanted to hit me my cat bit her leg to protect me. She also always waited for me when I came home from school. I cried so much when she died, I still think of her from time to time.

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I rescued a cat getting beat by the neighborhood boys. She was a siamese cat and named her princess. She was skittish but open with me, hid and basically lived in my parent’s room but she was happy like that. She had the cutest big derpy blue eyes. I’d sit brush, play and talk to her for hours. Had her for ten years. 
Another cat I rescued was a big ole fluffy cat, huge and furry like a Maine coon but breed unknown. He would follow my friends and I around as we walked in our neighborhood. Named him Hank. Was too cute to pass up so I took him in. Turned out Hank was a female lul and just named her Kitty. Had her for three years before she passed. 

Two dogs I had for ten years. A yorkie boy named Shelby I called Shelbert/ sherbet. A black female dachshund lab mix named Dixie. They were the goodest of doggos! 

Currently have a turtleshell female cat named LoveyDovie I’ve had for seven years now. I fear the day I wake up and she has moved on.. after I will get one dog then no more pets for me. They bring sm joy but i don’t know how I will handle the ending process.. I had moved out before my previous pets had passed. Oof.


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