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Gameplay of Elden Ring finally arrives...

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I've been a part of the Elden Ring Reddit community for a while now. For those who don't know, it's Big Dark Souls. Very yummy Big Dark Souls. We got a teaser trailer some time ago and it's been d**d silent since — so silent, that the Reddit community lost their s***t after a long and arduous process of coming to accept that the game may not even exist.

Well, now we get Elden Ring. 🙂 Yes. All my yes.


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1 hour ago, Onision said:

That's a cool trailer... but what is the actual plot of the game?

FromSoftware has a history of creating dark fantasy RPG's with obscure narratives that require some interpretation and artistic license. So much so that there are YouTubers who have dedicated channels to theorycrafting and speculation (e.g. VaatiVidya). Part of the reason this happens is that the creator, Hidetaka Miyazaki, would read English literature and fantasy novels growing up, but struggle to understand/translate certain portions of the book in his mind. For those parts he would come up with his own story to fill in the blanks. This leaked into his game design philosophy and storywriting, and many of his games tell their stories in fragmented ways that leave the player to come up with their own conclusions.

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