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What is your favorite TV show?

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For me, Rick & Morty is just too amazing to ignore you know? I really... I really *buuuurrrrrrrrrghhhhhh* like that show Morty.

How about you Morty? What show do you like?

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I watch Louder with Crowder @ 10.15 every morning... but that's on YouTube. Unfortunately, with work/school/ full time single Mom....I usually just use the extra time to game by myself. 

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6 minutes ago, Rain Dancer - Taylor said:

I have so many favourites. Supernatural, How I Met Your Mother, Shameless, Mind Hunter, Lucifer, The Act, The Boys

Supernatural 💖
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I did some research on Rick & Morty...


In the world of animation, there is a large amount of controversy. The popular series Rick and Morty brings in a small controversy, which was a recent series of tweets, which lead to a new discussion among fans that made them terrified that the show's creators were going to cancel it. In a message from Justin Roiland on Instagram, he reassured the fans that it was all a joke and that it was not being cancelled. This caused a large amount of relief and fans were thanking Justin for making the joke and trying to do something silly. Rick and Morty is not cancelled.

I learned nothing.

Rick And Morty GIF by Adult Swim

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South Park for the moment.  Yes, I realize that's not the most mature show out there.

Haven't seen an episode of Rick & Morty yet but heard good things about it, so should check it out.

Used to laugh a lot with Married With ch*ldren and this crazy English show from the 90's called Bottom.  



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