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Left or Right Handed? *or both?*

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31 minutes ago, Onision said:

Right is normal and strong, but left is cool and special... also can be very strong.

I'm right tho...

angry hulk GIF



The only pro 'left -handed people are smarter' has been disproved. so I don't think it's great being left-handed 🥴

also we get more minor injuries because we're handicapped when it comes to using right-handed tools 🙃 

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I’m right handed and in my twenties when I worked for a Doctor- assisting him, I used to have to remove these disposable blades from like s scalpel tool and I of course slashed my right hand. My boss wouldn’t let me leave work and I didn’t have insurance so the nerves in my pointer finger are damaged. I don’t know if a hospital could’ve reversed that anyway. I’ve had to learn to use my left a lot and it’s embarrassing when I have to pull out coins, I see the cashiers looking at me like I’m slow 🥲 Reminds me of Marty McFly because I can’t play guitar with that hand either lol and I can’t do air quotes 😆 it just points straight, it won’t bend. Could be worse eh 💜

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