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education for free?

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In most countries in the world today, education is not free. While compulsory education might be free, access to higher education often comes at a cost. Proponents often argue that free education contributes to greater equality among the population, since access to school does not depend on income.

In countries like Sweden, where all education is free, some have argued that this should not be the case. Opponents have claimed that only certain types of education should be free, and that "nonsensical" courses and programmes at university should be financed by those who wish to study them.

What do you think? Should education be free? Why?

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  • Immortals

In an ideal world, education should be free, because even in these 'non-sensical' courses, you are still learning core skills that can help you secure a job later on in life. A lot of degrees require written work, so you have to learn to write eloquently, do your research, give accurate references etc. These skills are transferrable across so many other careers apart from the specific degree you have chosen. The student loans are ridiculous and are only increasing in price each year. It's just an easy way for the government to get extra money, in my opinion, rather than directing more funding to education, they expect us to pay it off instead. Because they can. Just like they're putting extra tax on sugary drinks, and increasing prices of plastic bags, not for the better of the environment, just more money in taxes.  

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