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Have You Ever Lost a Loved One?

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I lost my doggo of 15.5 years one week ago today. He was my coworker and best friend. We've traveled the world together. Losing him 90 days after my best friend's s******e has been a crushing blow. I have a memorial fountain and a garden where I can sit and be peaceful with his headstone. I've also lost my Father and many friends. Each experience I've had to lean on loved ones, talk it out, make memory albums, eat, hydrate, go for walks, cry. These recent blows are hard though and I feel dark. 

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I've lost a few. 

My dad, although I didn't care much about it as he SA me at the age of 5, and it really affected me. Because of him, I suffer through PTSD. 

My pet rat who helped me through my emotions when I was getting severely bullied in highschool (pushed down a flight of stairs to a point where I bruised a rib, got pushed and locked into a locker for three hours for a janitor to get me out, I got my head dunked in the toilet, etc) my pet rat helped me forget all that bad s***t that was happening to me, and when I lost him, it broke me. 

My best friend since grade 1 suddenly committed s******e and I didn't know she was suffering. I always asked her if she was okay and she told me she was okay. I loved her, and I still do. I try to cope with her loss, but it is hard. Her d**th is by far the hardest I've had to deal with. 

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