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How many friends did you have, on average, in school?

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Umm, I used to be a normal young person until I was 9 years old then I started being bullied for a long, loooong  time. So, before that ,I used to have two besties and I knew and talked to everyone. After being bullied, I got one different person as a friend, and he sometimes would not act as a friend but we have, in general, good memories. 

younge people can be mean. But sometimes the meanest ones are suffering a lot. For example, the girl that started bullying me and making everyone else , even teachers "dislike me", has always being mentally unestable and she is still confronting things. Understanding why I was bullied makes me feel more confortable. 

I am aware that my actitude was horrible before being bullied , my father was still alive and he made my life waay much easier, I have learning disabilities and he was the one making sure I was learning. Also I was really really cute and that made life even easier.

After he passed away, I stopped learning, so everyone tought I was ******ed and I got uglier and uglier. Nobody wanted to help . So people started taking advantage and I remember those years as a "horrible nigthmare"

I used to love playing Pokemon, and watching anime. Luckily I made  friends outside school that were a bit younger than me, most of them males.

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When I was younger I had quite a fair amount, but drifted apart once secondary school started (middle school/early high school).

In high school I had like 8 friends that I hung around with, but I'd only say 2 or 3 of them were close friends.

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