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Do you take cold showers? I pretty much can't stand them...

The benefits I got from cold showers were:
1. My skin looked less inflamed.
2. I got a surge of energy, but it's probably because my body was freaking out.
3. It's more so nice in hot weather, obvi.
4. That's it. Cold showers suck.

Here's what a robot says are the benefits...


Cold showers cause your body to release endorphins, a natural chemical that promotes feelings of happiness. Cold water also stimulates your spinal nerves, which can relieve back, neck, and other types of pain. For people with asthma, cold showers can offer relief of wheezing and asthma symptoms. Cold showers might even help you live longer. Cold showers wake up your skin. Your skin is the body’s largest organ and cold water promotes blood circulation and helps remove impurities. Cold water also makes your pores shrink, which can help reduce acne. Cold showers improve your mood.

Uh huh... sure.

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3 minutes ago, Kaitlind said:

I can't stand cold showers. The only time I would want to be in cold water is if I'm swimming lol

Yeah, even then, swimming in warmer water is a bit... more nice. Hence: Heated pools.

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Id say the benefits i get from them are: 

Feeling more awake 

Skin isnt red and inflamed

Hair looks shinier (????) 

Its good to take a hot shower or bath just before bed because of how quickly your body temperature drops when getting out of the shower, and the cooler your body temperature, the easier it is to fall asleep.. learnt this from my Psych teacher aha 


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When I think of cold showers I think back to the showers at the public pool growing up. I don’t love them but they’re not the worst. 
yesterday it was above 100°F and our AC is not working during peak heat, so I took a cool bath and it was absolutely amazing.

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