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Women have a stereotype of expecting men to be mind-readers, have any of you ever been accused of expecting a man to be a mind-reader? Or if you're a guy, you ever feel this way?

Personally the solution for me is straight up saying what's on my mind, and asking the same from the other person. I noticed a lot of people like to play games in relationships without even knowing they're playing games. Maybe it comes from them being afraid to be known for them, like if the men really know the women, the men will leave them, so instead they remain secretive and get upset when the men don't know who they are or what they think?

I'm not personally sure... so what's your input? Why do some women expect men to be mind-readers?

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5 minutes ago, Sierra said:

I accuse myself of this and it's simply because i think the vibes i give off should explain how i feel without me saying anything 😂

Mmm... I'd probably just reverse that to demonstrate to the other how confusing that can be... that's typically how I am, if someone is doing something that is hard to understand, I demonstrate how difficult the expectation is through imitating the behavior for them to observe... like when someone mumbles and then gets mad because I didn't understand, I mumble back, then act sarcastic so they get the point while also being really really mad at me... Haha.

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Posted (edited)

I feel like some women expect men to be mind-readers because a women behavior changes and they want the men to notice that behavior. Women feel like men should already know what they did to make them mad but the women give hints that they are upset instead of being direct because I think that would make a women feel much better about what the guy done instead of pointing it out to them . I guess some women want men to solve a math problem.

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7 hours ago, Onision said:

I'm not personally sure... so what's your input? Why do some women expect men to be mind-readers?


Coming from my personal experience when I've felt like this in the past, it's purely because I'm not a confrontational person unless I'm close to them, so I would try to show less interest in the person or act differently to get them to notice. I know this is extremely immature now though, and mainly comes from the anxiety of dealing with situations head on,  and I would try to avoid it and just do subtle hints instead...

So maybe women resort to passive aggressive behaviour instead of being straightforward to avoid conflict, but also because they might be more intuitive when it comes to picking up subtle hints. I can't speak for every woman but I know that I tend to overthink situations a lot, so maybe this aspect of over-analysing social situations leads us to pick up more subtle undertones to the person's speech, body language or facial expressions. Often times I'll catch myself believing that my boyfriend does this too, but I'm always wrong, and he never gets it because it's practically impossible to guess exactly what their partner wants just from pure intuition and subtle cues. I feel like we often see rom coms depict the 'perfect man' (usually from the female gaze) and most of the time, the girl gets exactly what she wants, so we attach that expectation to men in our real lives too. This is just speculation though, take it with a grain of salt as there's probably other factors.    

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On 6/6/2021 at 11:53 PM, Admin said:

Women have a stereotype of expecting men to be mind-readers, have any of you ever been accused of expecting a man to be a mind-reader?

Mind Projection Fallacy is what you're describing. Some women claim by Argumentum Ad Ignorantiam that you should know about something & get mad when you don't know what it is. When you fail at the guessing game it often leads right into an Argumentum Ad Hominem.


 One consequence is that others may be assumed to share the same perception, or that they are irrational or misinformed if they do not. A second form of the fallacy, as described by Jaynes, occurs when someone assumes that their own lack of knowledge about a phenomenon (a fact about their state of mind) means that the phenomenon is not or cannot be understood (a fact about reality). 

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mind_projection_fallacy



I conclude that most of those arguments are Reductio Ad Absurdum though. 


Reductio Ad Absurdum is disproving an argument by showing the absurdity of following it through to a logical conclusion. Essentially, the argument is reduced to its absurdity. This works only if there is faulty logic in the argument to begin with.

Source: https://www.softschools.com/examples/literary_terms/reductio_ad_absurdum_examples/337/


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