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Some people might wonder, why do people lie? People lie for a number of reasons, obviously. A lot of times it's about self-preservation, people just want to be left alone, maintain peace in their own life... other people lie because they're simply made that way. Here's what a robot has to say about lying:


People lie for many reasons. Some people lie by accident or out of pure carelessness. Sometimes they are caught up in the moment and just don't stop to think about the consequences. Other times people lie to protect someone else, or themselves. Sometimes they lie because they want to achieve a goal, and they think lying will make it easier to achieve that goal. And of course, some people lie because they're just not good people.

Lying is one way that people try to shift the blame for a wrongdoing or take credit for a success. Sometimes people lie to make themselves more attractive to the person they are lying to, because they are feeling rejected, or because they are feeling jealous, or angry. Sometimes people lie to cover up a lack of confidence, uncertainty, fear, or a sense of not being in control.

Liars often lie as a form of protection of themselves, protection of other people, or for the delusion of fulfillment. Sometimes the truth is uncomfortable and people want to protect themselves or other people from the negative effects of the truth. Other times, people lie to themselves in order to feel better about themselves, which is a form of delusion. In the end, lying is sometimes done for a good reason, like in WWII when people would lie about whether or not they were hiding innocent people from the Germans.

Have you ever been lied to?

How does it normally make you feel?

Personally, I have a difficult time keeping people who lie in my life... like selfishly lie, you know? Where the lie serves no one but themselves.

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I've been lied to in the sense that I've been stood up, even by a family member which made me really upset. I'm pretty sure someone else lied about an accident happening just to get out of hanging out with me, but I didn't really care about that one lol

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I feel like people often lie because they don't like the truth themselves. Being in a relationship where your partner constantly lies is so exhausting. Especially if they get angry because you don't believe them anymore. 

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Not a Saint. I am a really bad liar. I feel guilty enough for telling a white lie. Do I want to not hurt people, uh yes. I've struggled hard to just embrace something as small as "no I don't like that color on you". 

My big lies vary. I lied to keep someone from a harmful situation, I lied when I snuck out as a teen, I lied to my therapists, I lied in a relationship when they were cheating on me that I started talking to someone else. It doesn't matter the circumstance. I still lied. 

Ive apologized, I own my lies, and I've learned from them. To be better and establish a better way through any relationship I encounter and it's been better ever since, still I view my past choices and I feel wow.

I'm definitely a disappointment. 

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