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What do you guys think about Tarot card readings? What's your experience?

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I've been using my cards for decades. I have a lot of decks.  I still collect them and do readings for people I first meet. I honestly love them, had them taken away by my parents once..so "evil". 🙄 Anyway, people love when I do readings for them. I enjoy it, because they enjoy it. Also it's one of my hobbies I try to keep up on. ❤

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1 hour ago, alex said:

Same. I don’t know how to discern readers and who to believe or trust.

For me on my own, I don’t know enough or have any experience really so idk, but I’m curious lol

I completely understand what you mean! It’s super hard to find readers who are actually genuine. 

4 hours ago, Onision said:

I think people like filling in the blanks... but I also think there could be more magic to the world than a lot of us give credit. Life is funny.

Without doubt! Would you ever get a tarot card reading? 

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I'll admit that I've been curious before. I've looked at a few sets and considered buying some, but never did. I would have no clue what I was doing, so it'd be a waste of money, lol. I would be interested in getting a reading just out of sheer curiosity to see what it says.

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