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Coming out ~ LGBTQ

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Let's help each other. 

Do you have a questions about coming out? Do need any advice about coming out?

Or have any tips or pointers to share?  do you have your own coming out story that can be helpful to others?

Share your questions, thoughts, and stories down below!

Have respect for each other 

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So when I talk to my mom about LGBT she just starts dropping no-no words and really just makes me lose faith so… you know, maybe stick to the work crowd in the future with the whole “Hey, here’s what’s up” matter of fact talk.

People get loco on you and wonder why you avoid talking to them.

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When I was a c***d I was told whenever I started dating who not to bring home. So I kept a lot of my relationships secret when I got older. It put a toll on me. It put a toll on others. I came out very late and I was kicked out and disowned. I winged it, and grabbed a few things and left with my girlfriend at the time. We had a t*****e relationship, I was stranded, but had friends in my LGBTQ community who let me crash on their couch or offer me a bed, the kindest people who I could relate to, & grateful for.

1. Sometimes your parents really don't know what's best for you. 

2. Connect with others just like you. 

3. Love yourself. 

4. Love who you love & don't be ashamed or afraid. Be you, always. 

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