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What Is Your Favorite College Class?

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I am currently finishing up my first year of an undergraduate degree doing Music and Psychology (double major), and thought we could share some things we've learned from our studies!

One study that interested me was focused on the 'Expectancy effect' otherwise known as a 'Self-fulfilling prophecy'. It is a belief about someone that leads you to change your behaviour which increases the likelihood of that behaviour occurring in the person in question. For some reason in this lecture I actually learned the proper story of Oedipus but I won't go into that right now. 

A study by Rosenthal and Jacobson (1968) looked at expectancy effects in school *****ren, where they all took IQ tests. The researchers told the teacher that a certain number of *****ren were 'bloomers', meaning they would have a sharp increase in IQ in the near future. The *****ren selected as 'bloomers' was entirely randomised, and not based on the scores of the first test. However, the ones that were labelled as 'Bloomers' had a higher increase in IQ points compared to the 'non-bloomers'. 

I really goes to show how people's expectations of you can shape who you are, and that is why it's so important to have supportive people around you, and how a good teacher could change your life. That is why I aspire to be a good teacher to my future students! The link to the study is down below if you would like to know more, as my description was quite basic:

https://www.semanticscholar.org/paper/Pygmalion-in-the-Classroom-Rosenthal-Jacobson/59c14fab51544dc9c5ec4e56c5a962346859c06a (just click the pdf file when you get onto the site)

On another note, I feel like I only got so far with piano because of how encouraging my teacher was. A piece of advice, be a positive influence to others and expect more than what you first think about them, they might surprise you :). 

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On 6/5/2021 at 3:49 AM, Onision said:

What did you learn in the music side of your major?

I completely forgot to reply to this, but what I've mainly learned is that a music course and a pandemic doesn't really mix...

I did however do a written assignment on one of my modules, I got to talk about the Ocarina of Time soundtrack and found out a lot about Koji Kondo's musical inspirations (he wrote the Super Mario Bros soundtrack too, he's a living legend). Harsh noise music, also known as 'Japanoise' was prevalent in the 80s and 90s, didn't even know about this genre until I started this course. I'm gonna give an example but please be warned it is gonna wreck your ears so bad. Seriously, it sounds like a deep fry meme , but this example is a less extreme version. There are others in the playlist too:

 So TL;DR: Found out about a really cool genre of music that was one of Koji Kondo's influences growing up 🙂

And that there are so many things about music that we don't know about because we're mainly only exposed to a very small amount of the worlds genres 😛

this was probs useless info but i found it interesting so yah 

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Well my favorite college class was... hmm... I enjoyed Speech, naturally... I'm just I guess that dude who is front and center and talks a lot... but, kind of in a cutting knife way, not so much a soft, forgettable way maybe...

I don't think public speaking is for me in the future, but the class was fun... I feel like I'm in my element in classes like those.

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