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What are your phobias? What are you afraid of?

Me personally, I'm super scared of heights... hahaha, I went rock climbing recently and once I got to the height of maybe... 35 feet? I was like... NOPE, no thanks, and climbed back down.

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12 minutes ago, Sierra said:

Dentists ūüė¨

Haha... yeah... but they help... most the time.

11 minutes ago, brittniisundae said:

I guess these are normal....Losing a loved one, *****

This one not really...aluminum foil 

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Um the star word is...the bad medications 

Those are healthy phobias...

Anyone scared of spiders?

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1 hour ago, Onision said:

Imagine vomiting from seeing your own vomit...

I used to be suuuuuper emetophobic- like I can literally recall every single time someone puked in grade school bc it scarred me every time lmaooo. I used to not be able to take public transportation bc I was afraid the person next to me would throw up. It was pretty bad and irrational. Then I moved to a big city, started going to clubs and working in nightlife and kind of got used to it. Still kind of afraid but not really. But to this day I will do anything to stop myself from throwing up, last time I did was probably more than 5 years ago- I honestly can't even remember

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