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How Did You Find This Group? (Onision Forums)

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45 minutes ago, Sheila said:

you mentioned it in your last video 

Oh hey, glad that was worth making.

6 minutes ago, brittniisundae said:

Maybe twitter? Youtube? I must have a bit of amnesia. & I'm happy it exists. Thankful he exists, & still has that spark. I've learned a lot, connected a lot. I give 10 stars. & Onision, my apologies if I've ever annoyed you.

Sighing Sigh GIF

Alllll good homie g.

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20 hours ago, HexesfromTexas said:

I absolutely adored the “I shut it all down” song because it made me laugh and I thought it was super clever. 🤷‍♀️ That’s all I got. That’s why I came here 


Oh hey cool, I accomplished something 🙂

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