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When I was younger I had a crush on the chick from "The secret world of Alex Mack" 😂 I can't remember her name right now. 

Umm Rihanna always makes me giddy.

Jessica Alba uh, yeah dork mode. 

My ex would cover my eyes when Kaley Cuoco would appear. If that says anything 🙄

And today I would dress up in a Spiderman outfit for Jake Gyllenhaal. His personality makes me feel butterflies. 😂

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9 minutes ago, PoptartBarbie said:

First one was zac effron 

zac efron GIF Chris Evans Chest GIFChris Evan  more recently 

Back in the day Ronnie radke , but I met him and in real life he's super ****ing gr*ss looking . Very dissapointing . 

sing ronnie radke GIF by Epitaph Records

Aww. Half the time I'm wondering if I've met more celebrities. I treat everyone basically the same no matter where I go & I'm so scattered. This one celebrity I can't even tell you who it is because they still check in with me and told me to keep it hush. But often I'm just like...why not just be like so..."how about a meal? My treat 😂" but they're so sweet I wouldn't put them on the spot like that.

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I think I have a new celebrity crush. 😍 Perfect example of what I'm att**cted to IRL. Too bad no one I meet that looks like this is actually nice. Is it weird that I'm att**cted to tatted guys in glassed? 🥰


Oh, and his name is Eddie Berg. Lead singer of the Swedish band Imminence. He plays violin for the band too. 

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On 6/25/2021 at 10:05 PM, OldGreqq said:

Matthew Gray Gubler. He just seems unapologetically quirky and real. 


Same. On Gubler. I watched an interview about him keeping a bone of his for his future wife and was like: image.gif.af331b75a40229a30bedc83373722a3d.gif

My first crush might sound dumb but I’m not embarrassed to admit that it’s Bill Nye. My mother has a framed letter from him gently turning me down in favor of his wife but thanking me for the flattering love letter I sent at like…10? Lol





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