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I enjoy pda, (tastefully), however I've found that more of my significant others not to. They either weren't too fond of it, or they were embarrassed by me (who knows 😂🤷‍♀️

Do you like it? Avoid it? Compromise? & what about your significant others? British Invasion Love GIF by The Zombies

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5 hours ago, ManicMedic said:

I will hold onto his arm while walking but we aren’t big into PDA. We used to be in the beginning of our relationship but maybe we’re just too old now. 

I get that too, that somewhere along the relationship it can change. Maybe when first starting out a lot more feeling is involved to display anywhere at any time? I think it's super sweet to still hold onto their arm. ❤

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If the woman is hot. Sure. But I wouldn't let my eyes linger for too long. The last thing I want are people thinking I'm a creep. 

The girls in my school were pretty adventurous when it came to PDA. You could make out in public and not many people would get offended. Now a days. People b*tch and moan about everything. We just can't have nice things. 

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Honestly, it depends on the level of pda that we're talking about. Such as; holding hands in public is acceptable. Or cuddling up next to a loved one at a movie theater is acceptable too. (Btw; "acceptable" is my opinion and purely my opinion, not saying other people must believe the same thing as me or anything crazy like that). As far as carrying "kinks" outside of the bedroom, such as people who are into puppy play and do it publicly... I'm not too sure about that one... 

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