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What Are The Worst 3 Jobs In The World?

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1) therapist (the trauma of others would break my heart)

2) veterinarian (putting down animals would break my heart)

3) soldier (****ing someone would break my heart)


All of those are necessary and noble professions, but i lack the specific strengths to deal with all of that. Many thanks to those who do it everyday.

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Anything with having to take another person’s life. I would say the same with animals but.. I still do eat animals so I don’t wanna lie.. but I will say the slaughterhouses are a terribly gruesome thing and I always have to kind of reflect when I do eat meat.

Could never be a politician or president. 

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An Uber/Lyft/Taxi/etc driver.

I'd refuse to take most people in my car -- even if they paid me. Some of the rudest, most disrespectful people in the world use these services and become absolute animals. 

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34 minutes ago, OldGreqq said:

Sewage worker - any type of job dealing with sewage, whether it be porta potty cleaners, sewage cleaners, septic cleaners...

Road end cleaner

Crime scene cleaner

That was supposed to say road ki*ll cleaner. Not sure how the word "end" wound up in there.

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