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let's talk about ~ Disney Channel nostalgia!

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Basic background: Disney Channel has apparently been around since 1983 which is a long, long time ago (in the netherlands came on tv in 2009)  Anyway, if my math's not all wrong, 1983 should have been about 35 or so years ago, and in 35 years, you have time to air a ton of shows.

Which show did you like the most and why? 

Which show didn't you like and why? 

I love Hannah Montana and wizards of Waverly place. Shows where amazing I did watch them few months ago again on disney+


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When I was a k*d, the Disney Channel was som*thing you had to pay extra for, just like HBO or Showtime. I guess it was an expense my parents didn't want or couldn't afford because I never had it as a k*d. I had a friend who did and the only show I remember is the Mickey Mouse Club.

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Hannah Montana was good, but we never had cable 😩 my mom didn’t think that was something I needed as a ch*ld or teen. We literally had antennas and she would take them if you disobeyed her 😅 I got clever and used a wire once, she took it and hit with me it ! I did watch tv at my friends houses tho, I missed out on a lot. Luckily I can look them up now 💜🙏  I did like the duck tales show when I could see it but the later shows Idk them…

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3 hours ago, Onision said:

I was a Nickelodeon boy.

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Same. Except girl. 😂

Well, until Disney wasn’t something you had to pay extra for. The only reason I think I remember that Alice show was because I think once in a while Disney was free so they could advertise it to you so you would buy it.

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