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Do you play sims 1?

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I still play sims 1 for fun. Try build houses then recreate them im sims 4. 

Its fun! Also game play with magic world is awesome.

I have them legal on cd but I downloaded the sims 1 complete from internet with a bug fix. When I instal the legal version from cd I have a lot of bugs or it doesn't work. 


I also play sims 2 I have the compleet version on origin. It has a flickering glitch but I fixed it with few fix patches from the iternet. 


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ah sims haha! I love sims but I haven't played the 1st one in years!


I just got the new cottage living expansion too 🙂 Is pretty fun so far~

the sims 4 geometry GIF

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I miss the Sims One, I still play The Sims 2. Does the Sims 1 work on Windows 10? I ask because I practically had to anoint my first ch*ld in Frankincense and wave a magic wand to get The Sims 2 to work.

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