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Ooooh! Pretty Colors (really cool thing I just did... haha)

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Someone asked me to change their user name for them which made me realize... wait... aren't you supposed to be able to do that already?

With that, I made some changes to all of your POWER!

Members have no color and are basically boring. Yay!

Immortals are now GOLDEN color and have more powers.

Elites are a beautiful color now and have even more powers that Immortals...

Immortals and elites can have signatures with images/links (which is cool for some)

Immortals and elites have the ability to upload stuff to this site/add attachments to their posts...

There are a ton of other cool perks to being an Immortal or Elite as well on this site, like no ads, you can react to more content (previous limit was 10, what?) you can have animated avatars and tons more cool stuff 🙂

excited homer simpson GIF

Now here's a random photo of a beautiful woman:

Oh yeah and if you're not an elite or immortal but want to be, you can just go here: https://www.onision.net/subscriptions

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8 minutes ago, heyitskaitlind said:

Hey that's really cool 😛

Sacha Baron Cohen Reaction GIF by Amazon Prime Video

3 minutes ago, cool.dus.niet said:

Cool now have to get 600 post soon! Haha I'm half way there! 

Oh for sure! Will be amazing to see ya get there!

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