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Tips For Dealing With Sadness & Anxiety

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Selfcare and mental health is something that I personally think is important not to forget.

Sometimes we do forget it and tend to find ourselves when it's a bit too late.

So, how do you take care of yourself? Or do you want to know how to start doing so, perhaps even make a routine? Or is it something that you find hard? (why?)

Have respect for each other! 

hugs and warm thoughts to each member on this site. You're not alone.

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I don't prefer routines, so it's this thing every day that i dedicate to. I have learned not to use the word forcing, so instead dedicate. I spend a great deal helping others, so I tend to put myself on the back burner. I wake up around 7 or 8, have some berries and tea, brush my hair, teeth, take my vitamins, go about my day (for others, or if I need to do chores, or small jobs), drink my water. I make my calls and texts to those important to me. Dinner is whatever. I'll shower, take care of my skin, hair, brush teeth, light some candles, or incense, write, play games, watch videos, music, music, music, until I fall asleep. Therapy is important to me so I try not to miss any sessions, and I love to ground with my cat (who has been like a service animal to me honestly, he's so special to me ❤) 

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Oh my gosh... it's such a struggle dude... I take long showers... play games when I can, but depression is like... a beast that pulls you wherever you want and you're just along for the ride. It's so... difficult.

But yeah, we should all be our own friend, help ourselves in the struggle.

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When I feel really depressed I’ll put on a show or movie that I really liked to help me feel better I call them Comfort shows. I’ll also play a relaxing game like Harvest Moon or Animal Crossing to help me feel like I’m somewhere else. Being depressed is like a chaos cloud that has no gravity that makes ya feel so heavy 😞 

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