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Do you listen to the radio?

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I like variety and yeah I can be picky too... so no not often. Maybe it's a sign of age but I was listening to music on the radio  in the car with a friend. I was like "ew i don't like that" followed by " I don't care too much for this either" she's like, oh I think I know your issue. Then I curiously was like "oh what would that be?" No instruments. 🤣 I suppose it explained some things. I still really do not know. 

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In the car or a group setting I listen to the radio. Other than that I have endless spotify and Youtube playlists. Also listen to the radio with the windows open when I sleep sometimes, it’s kind of a nostalgic thing for me.

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So people even still own radios outside of the ones in their cars? I don't have a license or car (naturally) so I don't have a radio and the only exposure I get to top 40 music is the 15 second audio clips I hear on tiktok lol

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