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Please say a prayer and if you don’t pray then please just send positive vibes. My daughter in law is due with her first ch*ld on February 5. The ultrasound last week showed that the baby is breech right now. 
The doctor gave her some exercises to do to try to get the baby to turn on her own. She goes back for another ultrasound this week and if the baby is still breech they are going to try to turn her manually which would be painful. Then if that still doesn’t work they are going to have to start thinking about a c-section. 
My son and daughter-in-law are very concerned and nervous. I’m just praying that the baby will turn and face the right way on her own. So any prayers or positive thoughts would be greatly appreciated. C9D6712E-9D95-4899-9D39-4CEAC86BADD2.thumb.jpeg.b089184857823c1fea8832833e15699a.jpeg

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