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Mine was a 7. Went out to dinner and saw Halloween Kills afterwards. I give that movie an 8/10. However the theater I was in smelled like cigarette smoke and at one point during the movie, someone was throwing candy in the audience. One piece hit my sister on the head and then I heard candy hit the floor around us. So idk if the person was aiming at us for some reason or was just throwing them around the area we were sitting in, but it made me mad lol


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5. Woke up with a headache after only sleeping for 5 hours and laid in bed for another 2 hours trying to go back to sleep but couldn't, so I got up and ate lunch then watched a couple YouTube videos. Afterwards I tried to take a nap but still couldn't fall asleep but I can never take naps in general. Got up to go eat dinner at my dad and stepmom's house and now I'm at my job until 5 am. At least I'm allowed to sleep here if I need to lol 

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