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Relationship Frustration


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There are times when I do feel that way, however that is natural even under normal circumstances. What I mean is even if a person is not in an ab**ive relationship, they might be overwhelmed at times and because their significant other is not in that same place emotionally at the moment, it can look like they are being selfish. One needs to remember that no one is a mind reader and although some can feel energy, that does not me they now exactly how one feels unless they talk about it. When I feel that way, I tend to remember that people say I love you in different ways like bringing a snack when the one they love has been working all day, picking the k***s up up when one is overwhelmed, calling to say they are thinking about you or even sitting with you while you read. The best way to determine the answer to this question is to ask "If this person was gone would my life improve?" or "What niceties have they shared with me this week?" We all go through stages when we are in a funk, or perhaps we have witnessed a relationship that may seem better than the one we are in, what is important is if you are with the right person they will sit down and listen to you if you let them know there is something off lately and you want to talk about it. 

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