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What's your favorite story about yourself?


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I wrote for a teen newspaper at ages 12-14. 

My grandmother would read my poems and entered them, and low and behold; that was my first experience with journalism. 

I studied hard in school, was in all honors courses, and got a cheerleading scholarship to Ohio State University with a major in English Literature and a m’inor in Journalism. 

I decided Cosmetology was my first love, and thrived in that for many years, and I still do. 

I’m proud of my artistry. 

But, now, I’m proud of being in a high-up executive position, with no Bachelor’s degree, and a nice salary. 

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In high school I wanted to do a stunt in front of my friends and told them "I'm gonna drive my motorcycle maximum speed (didn't go over 35 miles an hour though) and then hit the left break.

So did it.. started to slide totally out of control, almost hit my head against a wall. Ended up with a lot of bruises and they had to take the motorcycle off me.

Same year we went on a school trip and drank myself crazy when we got 1 hour of free time. Lay on the ground drunk and the teacher said "what is this?" And I replied.. "What? Are you talking to me?"

Ah, the fun of being a teenager. Still have a bit of teenager in me.

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