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Ideas about non-duality, we are all one, etc

Danny Van Hecke

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Guess some of you have heard about this.

The idea that consciousness is fundamental.

From a materialistic science point of view consciousness came much later, after matter was formed.

The Upanishads for example say individual life is more like a dream, and the only true reality is supreme consciousness beyond time and space.

I don't really believe in that, but guess there could be something to it. Because although I'm someone who takes science more seriously than religions, it must be so that our current science will look primitive in the eyes of people living thousands of years in the future.

So maybe science and the metaphysical will come together somehow in the future.

Max Planck won him the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1918 and he said this...  

R (1).jpg

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On 12/30/2021 at 4:28 AM, Haiku said:

You used a few big words and that lost my attention.

Sometimes if you want to reach people, you speak like them so they understand you better.

Sometimes being more intelligent means dumbing yourself down.

Keanu Reeves GIF

Well, I don't think I'm that intelligent, just very curious and been thinking, reading, watching videos about such stuff for more than 2 decades.

Basically mysticism and such say consciousness came before matter, while most scientists think the universe came out of a big bang, which created stars, planets and eventually animals and humans on this planet.

Max Planck was a scientist who was into quantum physics and the thought the mystics had a point, and consciousness already existed before our universe got created.

16 hours ago, Hitchens said:

I think my knowledge in physics is severely lacking on the subject. 

I don't understand much of the complicated stuff myself and am very bad at maths for example. But even the most brilliant scientists will say they don't really understand quantum physics. That leaves room for scam artists like Deepak Chopra who pretend to understand it to sell books to gullible people.

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