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I confess. I hate Christmas


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Every year. I get a ton of crap that I do not want nor did I ask for it. I have no place to put it. It's clothes I don't want & junk I don't want.

I swear it's a god damn guessing game of who can **** away their money on s'hit.

So I spend 4 to 6 months re-gifting it to others and throwing out what I can't get rid of. I asked for one thing from my mother. She begged me for an answer. A movie. I got it. I'm good. 

I told everyone else no. 

And I mean it when I tell people, my family, not to get me anything. It's a waste of money. They get hurt or pissed when I'm honest about it.

So I have no choice but to seek alternative means to get rid of the excess crap that they buy. 

Anyone else have the same issue?

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