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Taking a break from your phone


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2 hours ago, summerlusk said:

What’s the longest amount of time you’ve gone recently without looking at your phone or going the computer/playing video games?

Months. I always go through phases where I want nothing to do with what's not in front of me and months craving human interaction. If I go missing just know that's why. when I was a teenager, I rebelled against the Internet because of the tox*cities of it and smart phones were not something I was investing in. My brother convinced me that online banking is important and that’s why I need smartphones he and my sister have been upgrading my phones for me for the last7 years cause they know I won't do it. I am older now and I can actually afford things I want like a laptop for things like online banking and a hot spot. I can buy a sim card adapter and a flip phone it is just a matter of days at this point. If I go missing you know why.

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1 minute ago, Kaitlind said:

Actually does being asleep count? If so then 12 hours is the longest time I haven't been on my phone due to being asleep lol. Yes, I have slept that long before 😶

lol noooo, because you are asleep. I meant while being awake, because everyone takes a break from their phone when they sleep.

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43 minutes ago, Hitchens said:

My girlfriend doesn't like me on it when we're spending time together within reason. Unless I have to text someone or call someone or if she's absorbed into her video game binge and doesn't care what I do. 

That's fair lol. I feel like my partner is escaping reality with the phone but I leave it be.

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