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The Pronoun "It" - WT Actual F


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Why do some people want to be called it?

Not he, not her, IT, like they want to be referred to as this:

I get that this is the Google definition:
Image 001.jpg

And the Webster definition is this:
Image 002.jpg

But literally, if someone pointed at you an called you "IT" would you not be offended?

"IT" is normally used to refer to low-intelligence animals and inanimate objects where I come from...

Have you ever met someone who wanted to be called "it"?

Have you ever known "it" to be a reference to other humans? In what context?

Amanda Seyfried I Have Questions GIF by PBS SoCal

Lastly, is IT even really a pronoun?

"She is over there."

"He is over there."

"It is over there."

"What is his problem?"

"What is her problem?"

"What is it problem?"


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