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Does anyone here know a Neece LoneWulf?


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7 hours ago, Admin said:

What is an Onision reg? And who is this person? Can you elaborate?

oh yeah sorry! "reg" does mean "regular" and is referenced to a website, and in this case Onision = the Onision Forum

(BLISS GOES ON A RANT BELOW. Not required to read, unless you're REALLY bored and find useless internet drama interesting) 

that was some really dumb and SUPER niche internet speak I was using forgive me yall lmao 

its a HUGE rabbit hole within a VERYYYY niche trashy portion of the internet but it involves a super unhinged lady who's super pro O (obvs nothing wrong with being pro O, it just took me by surprise cuz generally she gets on hate clout trains) and her name is Neecewulf

but Neece wulf hates me for reasons unknown, it's almost comical the twitter DMs she threw at me, but she hates another person who creates content on youtube called Adrasdea, who I used to donate money to and was online familiar with on various forums and reddit subs, cuz she was homeless, but she randomly s***t on me once cuz I was only willing to get her an order for fries and a veggy side that day due to funds, but she wanted fkn chicken....and then cussed me out and made threads about me not buying her chicken...so i got mad and dug into her backstory and she was a literal accessory to m**der (like, court docs) but she got off cuz she testified...but she constantly talks about the story and changes details and wrote a book of lies on and ...ITS A LOT

and THEN there's the Podcast dude named Adonis Paul on Youtube who is a ruthless man with like..i swear no morals when it comes to ripping someone a part. And he got my online handle from Adrasdea who accused me of being her on various websites such as Gaiaonline, but I guess Adonis is on my side cuz we essentially both hate Adrasdea. (he doesn't know me/idk him. he just knows my username from her) 

and on those websites i'm known as crazy, and so many lies and rumors about me got me cancelled in my little online community (a literal no mans lands) . Like a super simple example of the rumors about me are I am a edgy emo girl who lusts after m**derers and psychopaths. When the reality is, I used to chat on a forum about a close irl friend of mine who is on death row for m**der (it was his f***ing pills I can go on for days on that in a scholarly fashion. Just everyone should be vigilant and research their meds b4 taking them) and I still send this person letters/love/support (they meant a lot to me WELL before this incident, which was out of character)

so yeah online drama that's now starting to bleed into other places and I have no irl social life 

Also Adrasdea and Neece LoneWulf both have Kiwifarms, but what triggered all this was me stupidly commenting on Adrasdea's kiwi farms cuz I hated her/had issues with her WELL before she become micro-famous on these niche forums and later became noticed by that small time podcast dude 

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3 minutes ago, Admin said:

I didn't read that due to you saying it was niche which translates to: theories only idiots and losers concern themselves with.

Niche just means specific, I think (or sometimes it is considered not well known, or mainstream but thats more colloquial). it doesn't really have anything to do with theories or anything, just like a hyperfocus on a specific thing 

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