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What Happens When You Get Banned From Onision.net?


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1 minute ago, TheLazia said:

Often they need to run out of all places to be before they realize they may be the common denominator. 

Mmm... some would say that about me, only my position is backed by every figure of actual authority on deciding whether or not people are truly bad or good.

Some people are a Bible cover with an adult magazine underneath, others are the opposite...

But, Bible is maybe a bad book to use for this analogy.

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14 minutes ago, Admin said:

I recently mentioned we had no banned anyone IN MONTHS and of course, as life does often, soon after you say something like that, boom - TWO BANS.

So what happens when you get banned?

Well... I often feel it is nice to change your username to a celebrity name and use an avatar that matches the celebrity's name.

Two users who were recently banned are now Rosie O-Donnell and Mel Gibson.

oscars 2017 laughing GIF by The Academy Awards

I'm not too huge on removing posts from banned users unless said posts violate board rules - and I also am not big on leaving their original name/avatar on this site, but most the posts can stay... so? I just change the avatar and name and move on... sound fun?

Anyway... as for what THEY do after they're banned... well, often banned people, because they feel rejected, run to other sites or social media to talk about how, they never liked the site anyway without explaining..."If any s***t you talk is true, why were you on the site? You troll f***ing ******?"

Additionally, they'll trash whoever banned them (I removed one of the two) really living out the "h**l hath no fury" thing regarding people who are scorned (rejected).

Simon Pegg Attack GIF by Working Title

It's a common reaction of people rejected to lash out, (when I'm rejected however, I often ask "what did I do wrong and how can a change my behavior ---- unless I am not wrong and was punished despite doing nothing wrong) which is why I f***ing hate people and I f***ing hate the internet.

"Then why do you use the internet, Jimmy??"

Because I am an idiot human who naturally craves interaction with other humans no matter how much they often irritate the s***t out of me. I know... but we are who we are. Most of us can't change... if you accept that, life will be easier. I crave human interaction and thus, find myself on this forum... fortunately most of you are actually cool, which is rare.

But now you know, be a problematic a** and you'll wind up a celebrity (according to this forum). Be very anxious. Ooooooohhhh sppoooky harshness bro.

Ooooh GIF

Image 004.jpg

That's hilarious 😂 I love that you do that haha

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