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NDE and psychedelic trip reports

Danny Van Hecke

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I've never had a near death exprience and not much experience with psychedelics, only did some mushrooms years ago but not high doses.

Have been listening to such experiences lately and it also relates to certain parts of hinduism, buddhism, taoism.

In many trip and NDE reports it gets said the universe, our planet, etc isn't even real, but more like an illusion, a dream, a movie for consciousness to play in. The only reality is supreme consciousness beyond time and space. Some people say the experience feels "more real than real".

Have to add that I don't want to encourage people to take DMT or magic mushrooms for example. There are also many stories out there of people who got into hellish trips, so it can be dangerous. Especially if you take too much, and some people are more vulnerable to such substances.

And of course it's i**egal in most places... You can do it legal in the Amazon forest and in Holland for example.

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