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Passing gas in public?


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I just learned in my icd 10 class that if you hold in gas long enough it will cause enough damage to send you to the hospital. We read this really hilarious medical record of a woman who refused to fart since they held the belief that women shouldn’t do that, it did so much damage to her intestines! In the hospital they had to stick a tube up her butt and let all the farts out. Now I cannot imagine the level of embarrassment there because they do not put you under for that. You just have to be a room full of doctors letting out a lifetime of farts. The secondhand embarrassment almost ki**ed me. 

just go ahead and crop dust. Lol it never needs to get to that point. You for sure don’t want to save all the embarrassment for one final reckoning 

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On 12/11/2021 at 12:24 AM, Beelzebubz said:

Hahaha yeah I've done that and experienced it 

I was at a movie rental once back in 2009. This  guy there cracked one and moved an aisle over. Me and my ex wife smelled it and we went to another aisle and waited a good 10 minutes for it to clear up. That was so disgusting. I gagged. Some smells just grab you by your throat and stomach and just squeeze. 

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